Yesterday Immigration and Customs Enforcement rounded up and detained hundreds of United States citizens throughout Puerto Rico. Although those born on the island are jus soli (right of soil) citizens, and can freely travel to the mainland US, ICE claims that there was “strong evidence” to justify their mass detainment.

ICE officers arrested residents in large cities including San Juan, Mayagüez, and Ponce. A spokesperson for the agency said that “an unusually large concentration of Spanish-speaking persons” tipped them off.

The agency claims that they have confiscated hundreds of “phony [U.S] passports and birth certificates,” during the raids.

When asked about the likelihood of illegal immigrants entering Puerto Rico, an ICE agent responded, “Well, it seems obvious to me. Most people here don’t speak a lick of English and that seems fishy to me.”

Another officer said she was suspicious of how many residents rolled down their windows and played loud Latin music from their cars. “It all points to illegals,” she said. “Bodegas everywhere, I mean, it’s clear-cut to me.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, frothing at the mouth,  admonished this move by ICE in a televised press release. The ACLU is suing ICE for unlawfully detaining U.S. citizens.

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham Tweeted, “Congratulations to ICE patriots. We need a wall to secure Puerto Rico’s perimeter. #FundTheWall.”

This story comes a day after a Customs and Border Protection agent was filmed detaining two women at a grocery store for speaking Spanish.