Al Gore Sees Opportunity With So Many Democratic Candidates

With Bernie Sanders being set to announce his second bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, the slate of candidates has been increased to nine making it a hotly contested race. Many other politicians are also still speculated to announce their own campaigns including Cory Booker and Joe Biden, meaning that primary voting could be very split in 2020.

Former Democratic nominee Al Gore see this division as an opportunity to once again make a final run for the presidential ticket. In a recent interview he explained how his popularity as a political figure and environmentalist would make him a sure win for another nomination.

“I should have been president already, so I’m almost guaranteed to get the nomination with the vote being split 10 ways,” stated Gore. “All I would need to get is around 500 delegates in order to secure the nomination.”

The former Senator noted how his potential opponents have such similar platforms and that could be a major factor in his own campaign. Each candidate has their own set of experience, but all fall in line with general Democratic ideals.

“Sure, if Joe Biden runs I’ll be one of two former Vice Presidents seeking to represent the Democrats, but in the end his platform will probably mimic everyone else,” he claimed continuing “but the inconvenient truth is that I will be the only candidate to have already had a nomination, and that makes me stand out.”

The author, should he announce, would run on a platform of increased environmental policy, Medicare reform and opposing any new immigration policies set by the Trump administration. Gore feels that his absence from the political limelight will make him a fresh face and the only true “outsider” candidate.

“Most millennials probably don’t know who I am outside of my being a ManBearPig squealing character on South Park, so I should really be able to shake things up. Maybe I’ll even thrown in a “super serial” joke or two into my campaign rallies.”

An official announcement has yet to be scheduled, and the former Vice President says that his campaign is still in the exploratory stages.

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