Richard Sackler, former President and Chairperson of Purdue Pharma, became addicted to OxyContin while trying to prove that if used properly, his family’s trademark product is not addictive. Sackler allegedly urged his physician to prescribe him OxyContin after he injured himself while playing tennis at a private country club. Earlier today, Sackler checked into a luxury drug rehabilitation center in Austin.

In a now deleted tweet, Sackler bragged that, “After four days of Oxy treatment, I’ve got no hankering for more.” He stopped posting on his social media accounts on January 21st., exactly one week after starting on the medication.

Presently, 36 states are suing Purdue Pharma. The states filing the suit blame Purdue for spreading misinformation about the addictive potential of OxyContin, and for pushing physicians to prescribe the opioid to patients.

A spokesperson for Purdue Pharama responded:

All this self-imposed challenge proves is that Mr. Richard Sackler, while once known for his shrewd business sense and good judgment, ultimately lost his edge after retiring from Purdue Pharma. We at Purdue ensure that all of our products are safe for patients when properly used. While this incident is unfortunate, the blame is Mr. Sackler’s alone for pushing his doctor to recklessly prescribe medicine he didn’t need.

In an email made public, Purdue executives blamed patients for their addiction to OxyContin. Purdue maintains that they have followed proper FDA guidelines and claims that the plaintiffs are unduly targeting the company.