Fox News To Provide Topic Warnings Ahead Of Commercials & Reporting

Gillette’s latest commercial, which contains images of boys wrestling with an endless line of dads saying “boys will be boys,” and men bullying, received lots of backlash for its alleged demonizing of men and masculinity. Many conservatives felt that they should have had some sort of alert so that could choose to not view the razor company’s promotions and the first network has announced its new system to tackle this issue.

“This attack on men is frankly disgusting,” stated Fox News’ Tucker Carlson “and we absolutely want to make sure that our audiences are able to watch our programs without fearing something my might make them uncomfortable.”

The host then explained how the station would be rolling out new “Topic Warnings” before any commercial they feel would potentially make their viewers stimulated in unpleasant ways. These prompts would also be included within the newscasts by the hosts and analysts themselves.

“This is a great compromise as our network depends on the support of our viewers and our ad revenue, so it’s a win-win,” claimed Carlson.

Subjects that are currently being considered to use a “Topic Warning” include toxic masculinity, rape culture, Black Lives Matter, criticisms of capitalism, reverse racism, and illegal immigrants with others to be added as demanded by consumers.

“We just want our network to be a safe space where there’s no fear of psychological trauma,” ended Tucker continuing “We’re pioneering a new system that helps conservatives maintain their spaces for their own well being.”

Foxs’ first broadcast using “Topic Warnings” will begin airing next month after more planning and discussions take place.

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