Charlottesville Protester Decides To Be Idiot After Years Of Being Called One

An organizer of the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville and founder of a “popular” alt-right news site recently announced that he will begin to act unintelligent due to the constant criticism of his ideas. The rally attendee, who identifies as a “former centrist” believes that calling his ideas “dumb, or crazy,” creates a self-fulfilling prophecy for many people who are like him.

“Me ideas get called stupid, so now me act stupid since me called it anyway,” he noted in a recent interview continuing “This same way me be crazy conservative, when me get called Nazi.”

The protester referred to the argument that calling someone a Nazi for having views that contradict the left causes those accused of becoming more right-wing. New York Times’ Bari Weiss claims that “when conservatives, classical liberals or libertarians are told by

the progressive chattering class that they—or those they read—are alt-right, the very common response is to say: ‘Screw it. They think everyone is alt-right.’ And then those people move further right.”

Logan Hall of the Washington Examiner also believes this and claimed that the “displays of hatred” from the “radical left” isalienating portions of their base, pushing many center-left voters to the right.”

Some conservative writers believe that because of the left’s focus on race, it has pushed white people to become more open to identifying with white nationalism. An article by the Canada Free Press explains this phenomena as such:

“The left has decided to make everything about race, and has established a pecking order for which races deserve favor and which deserve punishment. If you’re in the latter group, and you follow the left’s lead, then fine: Everything is about race, and yours gets nothing.

What do you do? You’re not very mature. You’re not very educated. You’ve got an angry spirit in you. And you’re getting really pissed off hearing all the time how privileged you are when you’re living in a trailer and barely paying the lot rental, and you’re between low-paying jobs for the third time this year. Screw everyone. The Daily Stormer is starting to sound pretty good.”

It was this concept that pushed this protester to adopt the ideology that he believes today.

“Me become alt-right when Ron Paul & Ben Shapiro called alt-right and now me become stupid because me alt-right ideas called stupid,” explained the Charlottesville protester who then exclaimed “the left say it, so now I be it.”

When asked how one side of the political spectrum could hold so much power over one’s identity, he stated “Me hate lefts identity politics, that’s why I dumb alt-right now.”

In honor of his newly adopted identity, the protester announced his new “dumb alt-right” manifesto entitled “Fitting The Pegs Where They Won’t Fit: A Manifesto On How The Left Makes People Right-Wing.”

“Me was inspired when trying to get triangle peg to fit wrong way,” he explains continuing “me see that if you cut out room to make peg fit, it go in. This good metaphor for how left make me dumb.”

The aspiring author provided a sketch of the cover design inspired by his discovery of fitting the triangle peg in the opposite direction. He claimed that the crossing triangles “look nice” and display how putting wrongful expectations on a person transforms them into those expectations.

Image result for star of david public domain

The protester hopes to spread this new ideology of unintelligent alt-right activists to demonstrate the toxic and damaging effects of leftist ideas. “If many dumbs get attention, than world see how this left’s fault,” he stated “Me want world to know their power.”

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