Chicago Senator Claims Machine Gun Kelly Falls Under Current Gun Laws

Cleveland rapper Richard Colson Baker, who performs under the moniker Machine Gun Kelly, has exploded in popularity recently thanks to his feud with Eminem resulting in the current diss track battle. In response to Eminems track “Not Alike” on his surprise album “Kamikaze” Kelly released “Rap Devil” which received an Eminem response titled “Killshot”.

Many who had never heard of Machine Gun Kelly are now discovering the rapper’s work thanks to the sudden jump in publicity, including Chicago congressman Steven Nash who believes that the inflammatory nature of the artists name qualifies him to fall under the city’s strict gun laws.

Noted for his “street smarts” according to colleagues, Nash had been an avid listener of hip-hop including Kelly, but with the now sudden popularity that the gun emblazoned stage name may be too troublesome for Chicago residents.

“Personally, I love MGK and think his flow is dope, but we already have one of the highest murder rates in the country, and a name that includes Machine Gun only promotes gun violence,” stated the Senator. Chicago is has one of the highest murder rates in the US ranking 25 in the top 30 with a rate of 17.52 per 100,000 people according to Pew.

“We used to have gun stores and firing ranges banned within city limits, and bans preventing citizens from having a handgun in their home,” citing Chicago legislature policy a decade ago, “but all of those are gone now and look what’s happening.”

Nash then proceeded to explain how he plans on preventing the rapper from entering and being promoted in the city. “Currently, we don’t grant concealed carry laws to those who it can be proved they are a danger to themselves or a threat to public safety,” he claimed explaining “the latter I believe Mr. Kelly falls under based on his violent stage name.”

Since the artist’s name could potentially be a danger to others through the promotion of gun violence, it makes sense to the Senator that he be prevented from entering the city under current guns laws. “Machine guns are also banned by federal law, so this ban makes sense in multiple ways, it could even be hate speech as well.”

Machine Gun Kelly couldn’t be reached for comment assumedly still wrapped up in his feud with Eminem and planning the sequel to “Rap Devil.”

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