Enemy Of The State: The Story Of Rejected TSA Bomb Dog Twitch

It’s every dogs dream to be able to serve and protect the citizens of the world. When one calls them man’s best friend, they take this to heart. The world loves dogs as is evident from movies and television programs from Lassie to Air Bud, but not all dogs are able to win over the hearts of those protection agencies.

The Anarcho-Statist was able to reach one of these such hounds, a former candidate for the Transportation Security Administration’s safety task force and German Shepard with the unfortunate name of Twitch. The dog envisioned being the Benji of the TSA since he was a pup.


AS: What initially inspired you to aspire to be one of the elite of transportation safety?

T: I had heard stories since I was young of the great things that these supreme sniffers had accomplished since I was young, and I wanted to be a part of protecting people. I remember hearing about bomb dogs reducing the lines through airport security, and how it only cost the taxpayers $152 million a year to employ them and their human partners. All in all, it sounded like a collective benefit for the country.

AS: So how did the beginnings of your training for this program go?

T: Initially it went well. The fact that I had been chosen at all meant that I had some potential. Being my dream, I tried my hardest to learn all I could: memorizing every scent brought to me and which ones I would need to search for when on the job. My downfall came in 2015 when I was put on the floor to test out my explosive sniffing prowess.

AS: And what happen during that event?

T: To put it short, I failed. I had had a small vacation before my graduation from the supreme sniffers academy and when I was put to the test, I missed the briefcase carrying the explosive and was released. In 2016, NBC covered the multiple failed tests of dogs across the nation and I knew that I would be forever shamed.

AS: How awful, so what have you done since that awful time?

T: Since then I have joined the World Detector Dog Organization to make sure that what happened to me happens to no other dog and that we can ensure that the bomb sniffing profession doesn’t become extinct. My personal vendetta is to advocate for increased funding from the government for better training and education for safety dogs.

AS: Well we certainly hope you succeed in getting your legislation passed, and thank you for you time today.

T: Thanks for having me.

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