California Legislature To Consider Licensing Complaining


The California State Assembly is set to consider a bill that would create licensing products for complaining. The law is inspired by the late International Society of Curmudgeons a site that featured the rantings of Mr. Grump and jokingly sold licenses to complain for $4.

“We think this will be a net benefit to society,” explained Senator George Rolley who is co-sponsoring the bill. “The license will incentivize those that don’t value arguments into being cordial with their neighbors and those who really need that ability will be benefiting the state. It’s a win-win.”

Inspired by the recent backlash over the state’s new ban on plastic straws, members of the Assembly felt it necessary to address the rising conflict. This was the primary reason behind Senator Claire Engle proposing the bill.

“Licensing is an essential part of ensuring a safe market,” Engle stated, continuing “this bill will ensure that those who are able to complain are of the upmost professionalism and quality. We require licenses to have quality hairdressers, and to have safe drivers on our roads, so expecting the same of argumentative people is only natural.”

The senator expects the bill to be divided, but ultimately pass. Public outcry if the proposal becomes law is expected to be minimal in the beginning, but will increase over time as more people apply for complainer licenses.

Reactions from the public are mixed with some decrying this as a large overreach of government and others saying it is a net benefit for the state.

“I don’t really complain all that much, so I don’t think it would affect other people to bad,” stated one local. “We have it better here in California than most places anyway, so there’s not much to complain about.”

“This new bill is bogus.” exclaimed another continuing “complaining is a way to let off steam and relax. At the very least they should only make licensing requirements for certain kinds of complaining.”

Updates to follow as the debate continues.

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